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Book our waxing services, and our expert team makes it as painless as possible, while helping you feel totally relaxed. You’ll walk out with silky-smooth skin that lasts. 


Ready to strut your stuff?

“Hands down the best wax, virtually painless, I have no idea how she does it. I would and do recommend her to all my friends and family. Nobody but Diana touches my skin.”

memi c.

“Every wax just makes me walk away feeling like a million dollars, I don't look red, I don't itch or hurt, it's just perfect. Needless to say, I will never go anywhere else.”

Aundrea R.

Brazilian (women only)

20-35 minutes / $70

The whole thang! All the way to the back with an added butt strip. This is perfect for a completely nude look or you can leave a neat triangle, strip, or square on the front. Choose the style that best fits you.

Bikini (women only)

30 minutes $45+

We’ll wax your bikini line until juuuuust under where a regular bikini sits, so that you can keep things tidy while you’re poolside.

Mod Bikini (women only)

30 minutes / $59+

Same thing as the bikini, plus an extra wax between the cheeks 🍑

Booty (full)

30 minutes / $36

We’ll wax your full booty cheeks & get in between too. 


15 minutes / $30

Full Leg

60 minutes / $85

From your hips alllll the way to your toe tips.

Half Leg

35 minutes / $55

Option A: Just above the knee down to the tips of your toes
Option B: Just below the knee up to your hips

Inner Thigh

15 minutes / $25

Half Back

15 minutes $25

We start mid-back and end right above your glutes.


20 minutes / $30

From just below the pecs, all the way down until we’re just below the belt line.

Stomach Strip

10 minutes / $15

Not feeling the treasure trail? We’ll take care of everything from your pant/bikini line up to your belly button.

Full Arm

35 minutes / $45

From fingertips to shoulders.

Half Arm

20 minutes $42


15 minutes / $30

Option A: From your elbow to your fingertips
Option B: From below your elbow up to your shoulder

"V" Facial

20 minutes $65 ($100 with a brazillian)

Yes, a V Facial, exactly what you're thinking it is. It's purpose is to help troubled Brazilian area in a gentler way, with light cleansing, light exfoliation, and some extractions. The hydro jelly mask and serums are here to lock everything in! 

 Let our expert team provide you with a customized treatment to your specific needs. This monthly ritual will provide effective results & relaxation. We've got you.




35 minutes / $85

A simple non-invasive manual procedure for exfoliating the epidermis and ridding the skin of dead skin cells and fine vellus hair (peach fuzz) with no down time.
Ideal for rough, dry skin, superficial hyper-pigmentation, mild acne scarring, or fine lines and wrinkles. Not recommended for acne skin

Swoon-Me Facials

30 MINUTES $75

An express, targeted facial keeping your skin happy and glowing.

55 MINUTES $135

Leave the work to us! With a personalized skin analysis
Cleansing, facial massage, mask and light targeted extractions.

80 MINUTES $155

A more in-depth targeted custom treatment for acne, aging, oily or lackluster skin.

Ready for a bangin' body, smooth as butter?

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