Let’s make it so you can’t stop peeking at yourself in the rearview mirror on the way home.


We do a few things, and we do them really, really well.

At Swoon we firmly believe that lashes, brows & waxing aren’t little add-ons at the bottom of a long menu of services. They’re the thing that helps you roll out of bed in the morning, glance in the mirror, and feel like you already have your look pulled together.

Swoon is that place where you can come to relax, have a heart-to-heart (if that’s your cup of tea), and walk out feeling like you’re ready to take on the world. We’re all about leaving people better than we found them.


1. Consultation
No one-brow-fits-all treatments here. We sit down and talk to you before we do anything, so that you get a custom service that looks the way you want and fits your lifestyle.

2. Treatment
We work our magic while you sit back and relax in our cozy treatment room. (Spoiler alert: more than a few of our clients have fallen asleep.) Got something on your mind? We promise we’re great listeners.

3. Aftercare
You’ve invested your time and money—now let’s make it last. No one walks out of our salon without understanding how to care for their lashes, brows, and skin post-treatment.


A client of ours came back after two years away, ready to jump back into her self care routine. She laid down in the chair and said “SWOON me, Diana,” and we’ve been Swooning her ever since.

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Swoon Lash & Brow is owned by Diana DiPietro, whose Caboodle was already overflowing with beauty products by the time she hit middle school. She’s got 23 years of experience in the beauty industry, including a stint doing makeup for the Denver Broncos cheerleaders.

Diana’s been a certified Xtreme Lash Stylist since 2006. More recently, she’s studied brows one-on-one with Lily Maldonado. Her approach is all about saying “no” to cookie-cutter looks and “yes” to customizing based on how you want to look, what upkeep you’re ready for, and what’s not going to compromise your lashes, brows & skin.

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Our Story

From Denver (Red Rocks) is my fave place as I love live music.

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A few of her favorite things:

owner + STylist



I can always watch again Breaking Bad, Grease, and GOT


I’m a creative through & through. Honoring my inner child always in all ways, it keeps me smiling.

Who am i?

I always love a good lash lift!

favorite service:

Born and raised in good ol' Austin, Texas!

Meet Our Amazing Team:




Catherine attended Ann Webb Skin Institute. She believes in cultivating meaningful relationships with her clients. She strives to make her clients feel comfortable and confident. Catherine's warm demeanor and personalized approach create a nurturing environment. Her craft goes beyond surface-level beauty.  


"My fav re-watch is Jersey shore or American Horror story."

Comfort re-watch:

"I love a good Brazilian or lash lift!"

favorite service:

Born and raised in Denver, Co!

Permanent Makeup Artist



Vannesa is one of our newest members of the family. She is passionate about all things skin care. Vannesa is a certified permanent makeup artist specializing in Lip Blushing and brings her passion for transformation and attention to detail to each blushing session. She is also working on getting her Aesthetics license to continue to expand her services. 


"My go-to rewatch is New girl or Breakfast at Tiffany’s."

Comfort re-watch:

"I love Lip Blushing!"

favorite service:

Ready to swoon when you look in the mirror?

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